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Taking the leap into branding

Hello! I am Malorie, the creator of Malobee. As I am sure you noticed my cover photo looks very much like a logo, and in a sense I suppose that it is--it was a result of doodling without any direction when I first conceived of launching my own website. However, I have now taken this class and have a lot more brand direction! 




Also, here is a link to my pinterest board for my PERFECT CUSTOMER.

Samantha, a woman 25-35, is a creative/professional that conisders herself to be an intellectual regardless of formal education (note: millennials are fairly jaded with formal education). Her tastes turn toward modern sillouhettes and chic presentation. She is independent, unmarried with no children, though she has consistent relationships. This being as it is, Samantha has quite a bit of expendable income that she likes to spend on clothing that makes her feel like her best self (powerful, sexy) while contributing to social good. 


I want to clarify that in pricing I forgot to include that there will also be items like accessories that dip below that range but I wanted to focus on the price range of the bulk of the line which would be garments at about $150-$200.

What are your values? Each of my designs is available for a wide range of body types with a focus on inclusion of unconventional models in the store fashion photography. I also use materials that are ethically sourced, both environmental and humanitarian. This brand is dedicated to providing people who identify as women with fashionable options that make them feel powerful regardless of race or body type. A portion of profits will be donated to Freeset Global or similar organization fighting exploitation of women worldwide.

What is your philosophy? To allow for creativity and beauty to explode unhindered by societal norms. To utilize art and fashion as a gateway to not only feel great but to start a discussion.

How will your customers fit in your tribe? Fashion for women by women empowering women. This is inclusive: trans women, women of color, sex workers, moms, etc. Your purchase not only supports me as an artist, but it supports women globally. 


At this point I really think that this logo doesn't really speak to the clients that I am trying to reach, nor is it true to my overall asthetic. I am trying to do this all myself, and my experience is limited so I am not surprised that my first attempt was not quite right. This class has been very helpful in solidifying my idea and goals, and I am really looking forward to moving forward! 


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