Nikole Mock




Taking the Stress out of Photographing Kids

For my class, I'd like to share some tips on how to take amazing photographs of kids. They are toughest subjects! My tips will help take the stress out of the process/session. I'll discuss 5 to 6 tips, along with examples and short demos (videos).

The class project/assignment: The student will come up with a type of activity or activities that the child could engage in, like a birthday party, arts and crafts, etc.  Options are limitless. Then the student can implement the 5-6 tips when they photograph their child.

After they take their photographs, they will pick 2 - 3 of their best shots that coincides with the 5-6 tips. They must explain their process and also comment on other classmates project.

Below is the link to my classes outline:

Intro Video link below:


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