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Taking the Steps to Completing Projects

I'm moonlighting as a Creative Project Manager for my own grand ideas.

I find an indescribable pleasure in finding creative solutions for novel problems yet it seems my artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors are almost always thwarted and thrown into a zero-productivity, product-less oblivion. My journals, sketchbooks, and files are becoming a dusty museum of failed self-confidence. What is my mausoleum now could haveone point been a rich zoo of complex and exotic creatures, thriving from the proper care and attention a Keeper (of this metaphor) dedicates and upholds.

I'm not proud of this loss in opportunity to follow thru my "original" project ideas, and I'm certainly getting tired of seeing the premise of my unspoken ideas popping up in other creative individuals that had a similar thought, and did a thing about it. That's the real cherry on this sundae.

I am an art assistant, a store artist, and a burgeoning plastic manipulator/sculptor. I'm also going to become a Project Closer. This habit of finishing what I start is dripping with beneficial qualities that every aspect of my freelancing profession can reap the fortunes within. 

I hope you will enjoy the fruits of this Artist's labor.



1. Keystone habit:

  Focused attention on tasks and projects and working in the direction of their completion

2. Trigger

Primary: Right after I do my morning writing/drawing

Secondary: With my morning coffee

3. Reward

1. Sing, Dance, quality time with loved ones

2. (When completed with visuals) Update website/blog

4. Reminders

-multiple alarm clocks from 7:30-8:10a

-Habit template near writing nook/accessible

-Calender entries (deadlines, to-dos) on my phone

5. Implemenation Intentions

After I do my morning writing/drawing, I will take the neccessary steps to completing one project at a time because I am a person who values my ideas and I finish what I start.

6. Small Wins

1. Dedicate (at least) two hours a day until completion

2. Break up time: 1hr in the morning, 1hr in the afternoon/evening

3. Write about the project (journal, ideas, planning) for 30 min

4. Gather (a list of) resources, tools, and instructions

5. Read a relevant book or article on the subject

6. Tell accountability partner what I am trying to get done

7. Draw, journal, clean, organize my work/home environment

7. Closers

-Don't sabotage yourself, believe in yourself enough to attempt anything interesting

-Use the quality materials for higher quality results/rewards

-Reward yourself but tuck a couple more accomplishments under the wire for a sweeter celebration

-Practice what you preach

-The real benefits come from consistency, not perfection

8. Environment

-Stocked on coffee beans, ground for french press

-Get internet at home

-Designate stations of work at home with proper storage and organization

9. Habit Tracking

-Calender on phone, color coded when tasks/projects are in/complete

-Checking in with AskMeEvery.com

10. Accountability System

-Fill out a project sheet for new endeavors

--have accountability partner sign it

---consequence if not finished before deadline

11. Results

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



Here's my wheel! 



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