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Jamie Langan

Graphic Design graduate - constantly learning



Taking the Dog for a Walk

First off, I've loved this lesson, thanks so much Fraser!

After following the lesson through making the round guy my dog was pestering me to take him out for a walk instead of start the next part of the project. And from this inspiration was born!

Part I

For some reason I decided on making the dog first.
The legs and tail are animated lines just like in the video, with the paws being duplicate layer trim paths.
The only new element is the moving part of the tongue, which is an AE shape layer with puppet pin applied.


Part II

Again this follows mostly from the lesson just with a few more elements parented to each other with their own rotation and position key frames.

However to get the jacket and beanie hat moving I had to use the puppet pin tool and I struggled to get the movement just right. Think I need to learn about that tool more because it was a nightmare! It crashed so many times, I couldn't figure out why.


Part III

Getting the two together. As the walk cycles were at different speeds I had to multiply the comp layers until they both made a full cycle.


I've had serious crashes with my computer, possibly related to After Effects and graphic cards so I don't know how long until I can get back to making the parralax background for this. Fingers crossed it's soon.


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