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Taking flight


I studied visual arts at university and really enjoyed it, however, never thought I was actually an artist. Work took me into the field of dance and to balance that with family commitments meant I needed to stay grounded. I am now thinking that I would like to be considered to be an artist in my own right, however, to do that I need to rekindle my arts practice and make art everyday, which is why I joined this class and am now posting this project.

Day 1

Collected supplies and the tools I picked were a fork, acrylic paints and three harmonious hues.


Day 2

The prompt I picked was flight and so I sketched feathers using the coloured pencils I won in the Colourtation competition plus distress stains. I wanted to see what happened to the pencil drawing when they were sprayed with water and then overpainted with the stains. This is the result.


Day 3 - I have time

The roll of the dice gave me three minutes, the random pick of theme was words that inspire me and the blind choice of tool was a feather (coincidence?). Here is the result. My mind went blank when I tried to think of words that inspire me so I went with whatever came to mind in that moment. I did't feel pressured because I viewed it as a three minute warm up for making more art today.


Day 4

Have actually been procrastinating about day 4 and do not really know why. Anyway, did the exercise today and this is what happened. Using the fortuneteller thingy I surprisingly enough chose my usual art making space, I had four minutes and the blind choice of tool was a set of plastic texture cards. The theme was places I want to go, which threw me into a bit of a spin. I grabbed an old writing journal I have that has a Paris inspired design on the cover and as Paris is near the top of the list of destinations I used the cover as a template. I felt rushed with this one, though strangely I finished with 3 seconds to spare. I was initially intrigued and curious about this exercise and now understand that it is possible to influence our own perspectives of destinations through artistic practices. 


Day 5 and beyond

Today's sketch challenge was my hometown. I had no idea what to draw or paint so I quickly skimmed through photographs posted by friends on facebook. I found a picture of a nearby beach and made a sketch of that with coloured pencils. I chose to sit outside and set a rough time limit of 10 minutes. this is the result. I felt reluctant at first to do this however, now that it is done I can move forward. 



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