Yvonne Bignall

Personal Development Educator, Best-Selling Author



Taking Control Of Your Life: Inner Confidence

If you want to take control of your life stop letting others dictate it to you! Here’s the thing, at varying points in life other people influence us more than we influence ourselves. That might not always be a bad thing but what happens when you feel out of control and begin externalising all of your problems; ‘it’s her fault’, ‘he didn’t do …’, ‘she should have…’.

If you find yourself feeling indecisive, uncertain of your actions or frequently blaming others then it’s time to work on your inner confidence; 3 key things to develop to get you back in control of your life.

In this bite size course we will cover:

  • Introduction – why feeling out of control can drive you mad and the 3 key things to develop to take back control
  • Being Authentic – Being You
  • Stop Focusing On What Others Think
  • Fail forward - Do It Anyway!
  • Summary


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