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Takeout Beauties - Food Pinups

I started my first moodboard on Pinterest. It seemed like an easy way to collect a lot of inspiring images and view them at once. I tried to just collect images without judging whether they should be included. If you're curious about the variety of images you can see my Skillshare Class Board here

Next I spent time putting together ideas. I kept in mind juxtaposition and appropriation while I weeded out ideas. I felt that some elements were critical in any theme I decided on. I wanted my toy to be expressive, colorful and funny.

Some ideas that didn't make the cut were:

Ugly Betties - This series would be unpopular items that are jealous of their more popular counterparts. Maybe something like a pear that was jealous of her cousin, the apple. (wasn't able to give this one enough thought, needs twisted humor)

Villain BFFs - Most people see villains as formidable but what if they were your BFF? Can take just about any villain and put them in a teenage girl setting. Darth Vader gabbing on the phone or Hannibal Lecter going gaga in a mall. (concerned about copyright issues)


I love drawing food so it was probably inevitable that it would find it's way into my first toy project. I also love vintage pinups and considering women are often referred to as sexualized food I thought it would a great match.

I paired the images below to help generate ideas and prepare myself to start sketching.

The series would feature several different foods as female pinups. Each one would be named like centerfolds, i.e. Miss Deli 1988. I'd also love to do at least one male pinup.

Now, I just need to settle on which food pinup to start with and start sketching.

Would love to have your input and good luck with your projects!


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