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Take time to enjoy the little things

I have always had a love, bordering on obsession, with fonts.  When I'm creating any kind of document, I agaonize over finding the right font.  I came across this class and new that my love of fonts, my love of drawing and my love of quotes were going to meet in an amazing way!  This challenge has been just what I've needed to keep on track with the class.

I find quotes of all kinds - sayings, song lyrics, mantras - to be so impactful.  There are always a few that stick with me and "Enjoy all the little things" is one of them.  It's such a good reminder to look around and treasure the small moments, the brief encounters, the little things that truly make life great.  So, I decided to use this saying for my class project.

Below are my initial sketches and ideas for the July Hand-Lettering Challenge:

July Hand-Lettering Challenge

Part 1: Thumbnails, Inspiration, Sketches


I really wanted this quote to be uplifting, light, happy and energetic.  Something to encourage us to look around and enjoy all that's around us.  I am inspired by the sweet and light ideas that Mary Engelbreit convey's with her fonts.  Also, I wanted the sun and sun like colors - reds, yellows, oranges - for the energy.  In addition, I love vintage travel posters - such a great life you could have by going to these places (or at least thats what the posted says to me!) I like the clean lines in these posters as well as their simplicity.



Playing with the emphasis on "enjoy" and "little things"


Initial sketch

It still needs some tweaking, but this is where I am at so far!


I couldn't decide if the circle around the entire quote should stay or go.  Thoughts?


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