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Take the Plunge - Bring Your Ideas to Life

A talk for any one full of ideas for a new business or product. I'll share a simple technique from my work in research and development to get all those ideas onto paper and into actions. I hope to bring people one step closer to starting their new business!

28/07/2015 - my rough notes

End Goal: get people inspired to sort out their ideas and feel ready to take some action. I also want them to remember the user-centered design approach to help them build better products.


Recently, a coworker of mine asked if I could talk to his wife about starting a business. I had started a research consultancy last year and he thought I could give her some practical advice about starting a business in the UK. When we met up at a local ice cream parlor, I was fascinated by her story. She was an American who fell in love with an Italian so moved to Italy, learned Italian and now is married to him and living in the UK. She wanted to create a business which taught Italian professionals how to speak English but had no idea where to start.

I could tell she was very passionate about this idea but she was scared and overwhelmed.

That's when I realised that there's a simple technoque I could carry over from my work in research and development! It's called the user-centered design technique.

I'll break it down into three key questions.

1. Who is your customer?

2. What is the customer journey for your product?

3. What's stopping YOU from doing it?


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