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Take-away notes

I've used the methods described in this video before, but I don't think I was mature enough at the time to really appreciate how linked certain aspects of my life can be, how much the performance of one can impact another.

It doesn't hurt to be honest with yourself once in a while, and I'm glad I have the strength of character to do so. What I found did not surprise me. I was pleased with the top three areas, and if I could live my life again, I would probably aim for the same. But to improve the bottom 3, I would have to cut out time I give the top 3 - so it's all a balancing act. I know what I'd have to do in order to change and maybe slightly improve some areas, and it will take time to implement a sustainable change. Will I be patient enough to make this happen? Ehh... there's my problem.

So I plan to work on this, work on my goals, raise the lower without harming the prformance of the higher. Maybe revisiting these once a month would keep me focused. I'll try that for now.

Thank you, Jami, for thrusting this into my life. I needed it.


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