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Sarah Gray

Graphic Design Student at LCC



Take a look inside...

Save Our Town

Hi everyone, this is a project i'm doing for uni, the deadline is in a couple of hours. scary! would love some feedback on it? The idea was to encourage the people in Hastings to buy their fish locally. Hastings is the largest fishing towns still running in the UK thanks to large supermarkets and thanks to EU Laws on quotas they will soon become extinct. Hastings is my home town so I no for a fact that local people have no idea so this poster is the beginnings of my campaign. (their will be additional information added to with the details).

Hope you like it.. It's my first attempt at Lettering and I was very short of time and can see the mistakes in it but would love to hear from you all. 

Also a massive shout out to Neil Tasker for organising this project. You have been such a lifesaver for me already. You Hero.

Big Love fom sunny, snowy Englnd <3 Sarah xxxx

This is the research for this project:     fishinginhastings.tumblr.com

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Grimm's Fairy Tales

For this Lettering project I plan to design three Bookcovers of titles taken from the original Grimm's Fairy Tale book. I have always found old folklore stories facinating, for they hold morals and life lessons that they want to teach their children. The titles I have chosen are;

  1. The Juniper Tree 
  2. The Twelve Huntsmen
  3. The Goldern Bird

After completing the bookcovers I want to design patterned illustrations. I would also like to re-write the stories in a modern but more magical context. Sketches will be created soon...



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