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Take-Out Anyone?

First off I really enjoyed this class. What was really great about it was the organic process of creating the pattern. I love creating little illustrations, and it was nice to not have to think and plan out ahead of time exactly how it was going to work, but focus on creating the elements first, and see them come together in the end. 

My inspiration was take-out and I did drawings of edamame, rice, sushi, lomein noodles, dumplings, chopsticks, and take-out boxes. Worked on this all Saturday, and funny enough had take-out after I finished!

Process below. Thanks for checking it out! 

So this happened today! Over 700 likes and reblogs on my pattern that was published on, including Hayley Williams of Paramore!

New Pattern For 2015 Contest

Worked on a new pattern, in honor of my upcoming trip to Paris this July. Decided to incorporate watercolor illustrations this time, for some more interesting texture. You can see how I vectorized my watercolors here

Might play with some other color / pattern combos.


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