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Yvonne De Hont

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Take Me To Church / My Hometown


I am Yvonne and I am a photographer and graphic recorder. I use my phone a lot for photography. I am doing this class and project just to do some cool photoprojects again with my phone. Because most of the time I only shoot with my phone to share things on social media. Not as some kind of photoproject.

Take me to church
Just right now, by starting this project on skillshare, I figured out this theme... Today I went to the church in my hometown. I live in the Netherlands, in the city called 's-Hertogenbosch (short name is Den Bosch) and we have a beautiful church. The Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St. John (in Dutch Sint-Janskathedraal, short name is Sint Jan) and it is one of the most famous churches in the Netherlands.

I took the photos with the Camera+ app. I rarely use the 'normal' camera app on my phone (I have a iPhone 6s Plus). I really like camera+ because I can decided in which size to shoot. And sometimes, for quick sharing on social media, optimized size is very handy. But the downside is that I must not forget to adjust the size when I realy want high quality. Today unfortunately I forgot... So I will go back soon and make the photos again ;-).

I have processed the photos through lightroom. Really love the black and grey myself. I am going to extend this project and will make more photos of the church in the same look and feel. I will also share them here.




My Hometown

I decided to take on a second project. I live in the Netherlands, in the city called 's-Hertogenbosch (short name is Den Bosch). I was taking a walk after a day working from home. And I took some photos, like I alwasy do when I go for a walk. I have made a lot of photos of my hometown already, but never in just one and the same preset. So I made 3 photos and decided I am going to make a serie out of this. So more photos will come.





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