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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Okay, so I'm allergic to peanuts and therefore also Crack Jacks. But when I started to think of phrases to use for this project, my mind stopped square on "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". For at least 6 months out of every year, baseball is somewhere on my mind, so even though my beloved Pirates are done for the year, I couldn't think of a phrase I'd love to letter more. Plus, delving into vintage baseball lettering for inspiration is a blast.

(BONUS: the original, full version of the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" include verses about a girl named Katie who insists that if her gentleman caller is going to take her out, it had better be to a ball game.)


(apologies for the quality - just getting settled into a new apartment and don't have my scanner set up yet)



Here's my first pass at warm-up sketches. The words in my quote are all pretty short, so I did the excercise for both "Ball" and "Game".

In order from top to bottom: Script, In a Shape, Sans Serif, Fancy Serif, Representational.

Of course for the fancy serif, I had to go with the good old Pirates type. And even though it's not baseball-related, the sans serif is based vaguely on the signage of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The script and sans serif are my personal favorites at this point.


Here's some pre-thumbnail sketches I did:

And here's the thumbnails that came out of them:

So far I'm liking the two on the left the most, but I feel like if I put some more work into the top right one, it might grow on me. I'll probably try to tighten each one up a little bit more before I decide which I'm going to go with for my final project.

Thumbnails Updated

Okay, I tightened up two of the above thumbnails, and it became clear which one I'm going with - the baseball diamond (bottom one below). I did like the one written with a baseball a lot, but A) it's pretty similar to one of the pieces on my mood board and B) it doesn't play with a variety of type styles the way the other one does.


I took the suggestion to put "Ball Game" on a curve, although I still need to fix a few other things when I move on to my final. I inked this one partly for practice, and partly because I tend to draw heavily and the erased and sketchy lines were a bit hard to read in the original scan.


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