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Take Charge Of Your Career Coaching Circles

I have a career coaching business. My passion is that everyone who works has a career that fulfills them and makes them happy. I am creating "Take Charge of Your Career Coaching Circles" to create a space of motivation, support and encouragement for people to create the careers they dream of. 

My husband, Ermanno has created a video introducing the circles . I have just created a page on my website about the circles and have advertised them in my January and February issues of my "Working Happy" newsletter. Here's my pitch: 

Join a coaching circle to identify and reach a career goal in a three - month period. Each coaching circle has five participants. We meet, as a group, by phone, on a weekly basis and create a space of motivation, support and encouragement for you to move forward in your career. You can join a circle on a one-time or on an ongoing basis to turbo charge your career! This service includes: An initial group call to identify each participant’s three month goal, followed by weekly one hour group coaching calls. Between calls, participants can correspond by e mail with Ann on their activities.

I know I can do this well and create a space for people to soar. My goal in taking this class is to learn from Seth and all of you how I can get these circles out there to many and make a difference.

I will launch the first coaching circle in March!


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