Take Away Coffee Mockup

Take Away Coffee Mockup - student project

Here's what I got by taking this class, I really liked the way that Jeremy present his idea about creating your own mockup.

It helped me to think from another perspective as a logo and brand designer specially when he talks about investing in your mockups.

That's make me think, Hmmm..,

What about if you can't afford online mockups or it's good but the package not include all of what you really want and you need something customized for your next project, something that will differentiate you from others and make you stand out from the crowd.


I came out with this; what about making your daily cup of coffee as an investment and your mockup is the ROI, see it's like creating assets from nothing.

What to do next...

Think about everything in your daily life, every business card you see, notebooks, the book you read, your phone,...etc. and deal with it as an investment. With this mindset you gonna make something different to attract others by creating your own digital products, helping your clients or even building your own portfolio if you just starting with a unique and customized mockups.

The Process...

Lets Dive Deep Through The process


Use your smart phone to shoot and take pictures of your daily elements and deal with it as it's your mockup.

And don't limit yourself with thoughts like "I don't have a professional camera and setups, my phone's cam is so poor".

Remember the target is to get results and create your assets, so be a YTA=You Take Action!

May be you ask what should I shoot?, AGAIN DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF!

It's simple as it May be business cards you collect, notebooks you have, books you read, etc.

and here's what I've done, I shoot my cup of coffee!

Take Away Coffee Mockup - image 1 - student project


Now it's the time to edit your desired photos to make it more realistic and ready to use 

and here's my process of editing the coffee cup mockup

Take Away Coffee Mockup - image 2 - student project


Now your mockup is ready to use.

Save the PSD Source file to reuse it whenever you want by going to

- File > save as > choose Photoshop (.PSD) from drop-down menu.

Then Save it as JPEG to use it for your project by going to

- File > save as > choose JPEG (.JPG) from drop-down menu.

Yasser Hassan
Logo and Brand Designer