Stephanie Brocious

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Letterer



Take A Deep Breath

Exploring Inspiration

For this project I wanted to pick a short, meaningful phrase that would be expressive and interesting to hand letter. My initial choice was "All Good Things Are Wild And Free" by Henry David Thoreau, but in my initial explorations it didn't feel right. So I moved to something shorter, and finally landed on "Take A Deep Breath" (which I need to tell myself to do on a regular basis!). Since this has become something of a mantra as of late, I thought that making it into a poster to prominently display would remind me to just take a deep breath, and that there is really no reason to stress. 

Here is my initial exploration of the word and things that it reminded me of. 

Once I had found my phrase and explored word options, I went to the internet and some favorite books to find some inspiration. I wanted something that was flowy, with a lot of swirls to represent breath. Here is what I found.

Once I gather inspiration, I usually like to just put it aside and see what I come up with on my own. Here are my initial warm ups with the word "breath". 

Finally, here are some thumbnails to take a look at! From the feedback I recieved on the exercise above it seemed like the script and expressive versions where the favorites, so I explored those options the most. Let me know which version you like best!


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