Dawn Mueller

Educator at lululemon athletica



Take A Bite Outta Life!

I'm pretty used to getting feedback from people as I work for lululemon athletica, and we are definitely a feedback driven company. Doing this assignment was really encouraging and eye-opening for me. I work with the most amazing people, who have become more like family to me over the past 2 years that I've worked at lululemon. All 5 people said that they appreciate my sense of humor, my ability to relate to anyone, and that I am always straight forward and genuine.

  • They all had said that they want me to continue to share my growth and experiences with others. That I would continue to not let anything hold me back in life/work.
  • I usually experience a loss of power when I don't let things go! I can hold on to things and it eventually REALLY starts to bother me. They all said I am most inspired when I am cooking or if I've just been to a hip hop or zumba class! I love this!
  • One person felt like the most challening thing about me is sometimes when I get frustrated, I don't always respond or react in the best way, I can be short with people. She did however say that she's noticed a big change in this area, as it's been something I'm working on in my communication and interactions with others.
  • One friend brought up that she feels like I sometimes don't give space to hear what is going on in her life. I can sometimes talk about everything that's going on in my own life and I forget to even ask the other person how they are doing. I want to be better at listening to others and not just sharing my stories and what's going on in my life. I want to focus on others and care about what is going on in their lives'. Listening to others makes them feel important and heard.
  • Overall, I got that these 5 people see me as an incredibly strong woman who loves to make people laugh, who is genuine and kind hearted and truly loves others. Everyone said I need to be a zumba instructor and open my own cafe! Love it. 

It felt really good to hear that these people truly have my back, and most of the answers were consistent with what the others had said, this makes me feel like they really know me! 

The power of knowing what I want. I love this exercise!

What I want for my life:

-strong relationships with my friends

-laughter                   -health                       -fun job

-my food blog          -travel                        -family

-independance         -a great leader

-live on my own       -good food

-debt free                  -hip hop and zumba

What I don't want for my life:

-anger                        -negative people

-blame                       -waste the day watching tv

-processed food      -boring job

-sarcasm                   -lonliness

-debt                           -selfishness

-greed                        -frustration

I'm excited to continue to dig deeper into what it truly is that I want out of life and for my life. I write a food blog and my headline is, "take a bite outta life!" I want to take the biggest bite out of life, and really live every moment in gratitude and full of joy. Bring it on.


My Vision for my life at age 37

I am 37 years old. I am sitting on my porch swing with a blanket wrapped around me and a cup of coffee, watching the ocean roll back and forth. I have nothing to do today, no agenda. I think I'll bake something, or try a new recipe. I am all by myself today. Frank Sinatra is playing in the background. The music is being drowned out by the loud crash of the ocean waves. I smell a hint of coffee in the air. My husband made a fresh pot of coffee for me before he left for work just a few minutes ago. I feel safe, secure, and very blessed to have this life. I wake up every morning next to my greatest and closest friend. We are soul mates. He inspires me in every moment to live in the moment, to have an attitude of gratitude, and to pause often. Our bed is the greatest piece of furniture in our house. It's big enough to fit a family of 6, and feels like sleeping on clouds. Every morning when we wake up, we share our intention for the day. I am always amazed by how generous and poetic he is with his words, yet strong. Our morning's together are never rushed or stressful. We make to time to sit and talk and eat something. We hug goodbye and I can't wait to see him when he gets home later! I own a cafe just down the street called Porridge. I make everything from scratch. The menu is everything from my homemade  pumpkin ravioli with butter sage sauce, to organic meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes. My employees are friends and family, people who I know and trust. I am well known in our town for my baking, and cater to exclusive parties and events. I am self made. I am a great leader who uses my powerstrengths, and creativity to inspire, encourage, and uplift others. I love coaching people and lead several vision and goals workshops in my cafe afterhours, every few months. I've been featured in several food magazines and have won blog of the year for Saveur, for my food blog. I often have friends over for dinner parties and movie nights. I take zumba and hip hop classes to stay fit, and heck, it's just plain fun! I love to dance, I love to run, and I'm getting better at singing karaoke. Life is busy, full, and I'm thankful for every moment. 

(This is not my husband. I don't have one yet haha! I just love this picture!)

My 10 Year goals

Personal- I own a beach house and am debt free. I am married. 

Health- I teach zumba for fun and am actively involved in the dance and hip hop community.

Career- I have my own cafe called Porridge. I lead vision and goals workshops in my cafe afterhours every other month for the community.

My 5 year goals

Personal- I live in my own apartment. I am in a serious commited relationship.

Health- I take the zumba instructor certification course. I run in an international marathon. I attend a yoga retreat internationally.

Career- I partner with an accomplished chef/baker as an apprentice/intern. I win food blog of the year for Saveur. I work for lululemon in a leadership and development role. I coach and encourage others.

My 1 year goals

Personal- I live in Seattle in my own apartment or with fun roomates. I attend advanced Landmark. I am Igolü certified. My credit cards are paid off.

Health- I go to zumba & hip hop 4-5x a week, learning from the best instructors in the city. 

Career-I am a successful & strong leader at lululemon. I continue to lead EIT trainings and I own our Asteya program. 

I've learned SO much through this process of vision and goal setting. This practice has given me some amazing tools that I've been able to share with my team at lululemon. I'm reminded that I can have anything and everything for my life. My world doesn't start and end with my job or with a goal. There are endless possibilities and my goals are ever changing, which is ok. I'm choosing to have a really great life, full of some really awesome people and amazing experiences. 


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