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My husband watches that Agents of SHEILD show on TV and the one character nearly died but supposedly recouped on Tahiti. He keeps saying this one line over & over "It's a magical place" when anyone asks him about it. It just reminds me of a slogan or tagline they might use in those travel commercials. I got to thinking & decided I wanted it to look like a retro travel poster. So I kinda already had the idea in mind once I started working on it. Just needed to get the lettering together. 

My sketching is usually all over the place & sometimes as doodles with a pen rather than a pencil & eraser. So the first pages are really all over the place but just showing me coming up with the lettering I wanted to use. The sketch for the "travel poster" came to me fairly easily & I wanted to stick with that.

I looked at many many vintage travel posters for some color schemes & was drawn to these. Mostly the bright yellows & oranges.

Although the San Fransico one is interesting to me because of the contrast in the bridge.

Here is the final inked sketch

I quickly realized I needed to do this in layers. So I have the following 3 layers. I have the first one already colored in illustrator. But I am struggling with the one of the beach. I have a really old version of Illustrator so I am sure there are easier ways to do what I am doing. But if anyone has any suggestions or tips - they are greatly appreciated.

Here is the one I have colored in so far.

The colors went a little wonky here. The borders are actually more yellow/beige on my Cintiq.


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