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Tags for my first Skillshare class for the September Teach Challenge

Hi there! I'm so excited to start sharing my unique set of skills here with you all. My intro class will be something quick and simple to start in order for me to get used to the online teaching process. I don't have an official title yet but I'm thinking something like: Essential travel sketchbook kit or How to pack your portable studio. The class could be for any sort of artist but I'll be focusing on ink, colored pencil, watercolor, and pencil drawing in rural/nature settings. Here's what I'm thinking for my tags:

First two weeks: Design, Crafts, Illustration, Drawing, Watercolors

After two weeks: Travel, Ink, Watercolor, Sketchbook, Illustration

Should I use two categories or stick with one and four subcategories? Let me know what you think! Looking forward to some fantastic bonus materials! Thank you! :)


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