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Tagline and Description for Time School: A Christmas Truce


History Just Got Interesting


As every pupil at Time Immemorial High knows, you may observe the past, but you must never change it.

Tara Tempus and her twin brother, Troy, are 5th year pupils at Time Immemorial High – an exclusive school for time travellers. However, time travel is expensive and their mother can no longer afford to send them both on the planned school trips.

When their grades begin to suffer as a result, the twins’ grandfather, Tempest Tempus – the infamous Father of Time – intervenes to level the playing field. His latest invention will allow the twins and their friend, Lilly, to not only observe the past, but to also interact with it.

A trip back to the trenches on the Western Front, to witness the Christmas Truce of 1914, will undoubtedly help with their upcoming end-of-term project.

But will it also result in Tara and friends breaking the most important school rule of all?


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