Some poses. I cant have them too active because of the lethargic nature of the Tadoes. I am ... having difficulties makig the sculpt not boring/feel right.


The rough skin and the gooey insides with floathing teeth I think is an interesting textural combination.

Also their normally docile and sedintary life broken by burst of travel and exploration, but always for selfish reasons. Like consumption or more space.

Their flubby rough potatoe bodies and the telepathic slime worms.

 Tadoes, They are an alien race not known for being smart or even having a complex society. Their skin around the neck and head is rough and textured in the colors of human skintones. They are slow and daft, but maybe thats just the way they want to be thought of. They reproduce by squeezing a lil head out of the top and pushing a new one in its place. There is also a pretty gross nasal slime worm they can use for 'convincing' others to help them. Their insides are more of a gelatinous goo that has a few floating teeth and the main skull.

I want to do these in a variety of solids and translucent. One drawing shows an upper built Tadoe but thats cause it's 'giving birth'. Most of them are really obese with hanging bellies and other sagging parts. Some of these sketches are from a friend who originally designed the character and gave me permission to make into toys. It started as a short story illustration and I kinda of hijacked it asking all kinds of questions and thinking more about the character than they had planned.

They are travelers and will try anything but dont really understand societal customs. They are Dumb but clever enough to understand complex plans to get them where they need to be and are telepathic. They will eat anything and because of their internal system, it usually gets digested. or regurgitated.

I feel a bit odd coming in with an idea like this already formed. I think the juxtaposition would be thier propensity for travel but general lethargic nature. Also, physically, the rough exterior and gooey insides that dont show structure. Thanks for looking through.



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