Tabs for Friends

Tabs for Friends - student project

May 21st, 2013

Sketches — Round 1

Thhis first round includes and exploration of the text lock up, and exploration of 'F' characters, ideas for secondary marks, and other randone thoughts. I'm torn between the "Tabs" or "For Friends" being in the script face, but am leaning towards the "Tabs" in script with the $ for an 'S." Not sure...maybe I need more "research."

I'd love to hear any constructive criticism, feedback, ideas for me to try, or insults (but, I'll probably ignore the insults). Thanks y'all!

Tabs for Friends - image 1 - student project

May 17th, 2013 


I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, went to college in Philly, and lived in NYC for a couple years before heading West and settling in Boise. As a dive-bar connoisseur, I've been to nearly every low-brow establishment in these cities and found a common element of many of them — a leav-a-drink chalkboard. In any watering hole where "everyone knows your name," patrons will leave a drink for their friends. I have always found this phenomenon to be fascinating. This throwback practice is frequent in cash-only neighborhood bars and taverns, which proves there is still an honor system involved in this highly social activity called "drinking." This authentic interaction and "tribe-like" mentality is a great opportunity to use design to brand this common activity.

Exhibit A: A typical drink gifting board.

Tabs for Friends - image 2 - student project

The Brand

I'll call this new brand "Tabs For Friends," as a way to explain the ability to gift a drink or take advantage of one that was gifted to you. I'm not sure exactly how this concept will be applied in a business sense, but I could see creating a brand of pre-made chalkboards that could be sold to bars and taverns. I would also love to design a coaster to introduce the brand and encourage particiaption.

Mood Board

I'm inspired by hand-done typography that is frequently found in old-school dive bars. These signs and logos are friendly and have an authentic feel that I would love to capture in this brand identity. I'm inspired by currency and the elements of coins and bills. I could see this being a large part of the brand visual language. Afterall, tabs are a form of currency and trade between friends. I look forward to combining the aspects of hand-drawn type and illustration, image, and the elements of currency in a friendly and authentic brand identity.

Tabs for Friends - image 3 - student project

Okay, I'm off to do some "research" at a local watering hole!

Paul Carew

Founder / Creative & Cruise Director