Tabletop Styling

Project 3. Winter Tabletop

For my winter tabletop I wanted to go all out with gold and create a table that was lush and sparkly. My color story is gold and silver with pops of red and green. I wanted the table to still have a bit of a rustic feel and I fell in love with these plaid napkins that contrasted nicely with the gold rimmed plates. For a personal element, I used small gift bags and stuffed them with red ornaments. I really wanted to put walnuts in the bags but I was too lazy to go to the store.  : ) Maybe for the actual dinner party I'll do that. 

Project 2. Basic Tabletop

After looking around the house, I realized I had a major rustic fall theme going on so I went with that for this tablescape. I imagine this table would be set for a simple autumn dinner with something like butternut squash soup and some roasted meat and veggies.

I created the centerpiece from willows that I was using somewhere else in the house. I added long feathers to the table (I'm in love with feathers right now) and added a few chachkies that I had around like my salt and pepper shakers made from real antler and some silver birds. I didn't have a full set of interesting bowls so I used two different kinds, but kind of love the effect. My favorite final touch are the apples I managed to scour from the kitchen. I cut out little flags for name tags from craft paper and attached them with bamboo cocktail skewers but cutting two tiny slits on top and bottom. 

I'm super happy with how it came together and really impressed that I was able to put together something like this in a matter of minutes using things I already had and following Justina's advice! Can't wait to have people over now! 

Project 1. Tabletop Analysis

I was blown away when I found this tablescape on Pinterest. It comes from the author of the blog Apartment 34, which I'm also now a big fan of.

This tablescape addresses all the fundamentals of tablescape design.

Needs: Relax and eat! I love how small dishes of appetizers are placed on the table as part of the tablescape. It's not only beautiful and lush but functional as well encouraging guests to start nibbling as soon as they sit. The menu is probably a rich, autumn meal (like Thanksgiving dinner!).

Color Story: There's definitely a lot of jewel tones going on here, with deep purple, green and gold standing out to me. 

Balance: While there's a lot going on, there's a definite focal point in the large floral arrangement at the center of the table. This arrangement uses bright pops of colors with fushia flowers and orange persimmons to draw the eye giving it a place to rest.

Botanicals: Yup! They're everywhere! I love how the dark leaves cascade down the center of the table, making the whole thing feel like a lush garden.

Personalization: The personalization comes from the unique and mismatched salad plates. They bring an added quirkiness and personaity to the whole thing.

For more great photos of this table check out the post on Apartment 34. 


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