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Tabletop Styling Analysis

Image Soure:


  • Can you tell what type of event the tablescape is for?

It is seemingly for a luncheon or early dinner party.  A brunch is possible but the candles make me lean away from that.

  • Can you imagine the menu?

If it is a luncheon, possibly small appetizers or amuse bouche.  A lightly dressed salad, small sandwiches, or possibly a light plated meal.

Color Story

  • What is the color story?

The colors are gold and pink and purple tones w/greens dispersed throughout

  • Does the tablescape use analogous or complementary colors?

The colors used are in a triad from the color wheel.

  • Is there a dominant color?

Gold is the dominant color.


  • Is there a triangle?


  • What is the focal point?

The focal points are the pink blooms in the center.


  • Is there a botanical element?

Yes. Floral.

  • Why does it work?

Your eye goes straight to it and it adds the needed pop of color.

  • If it doesn’t work, why does tablescape work without it?



  • What makes it personal and unique?

The gold and silver animals on the plates are unique along with the eclectic collection of mismatched gold plates.


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