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Table Top Dating Sim / Zombie Outbreak

Still working on it! It's required a lot of writing, but I'm getting close to having something testable~




I've spent a lot of time in the brainstorming stage for the Dating Sim card game, and the exercise has really helped me to get a better handle on what the gameplay will look like. I initially was much more focused on the overall concept, art, and specific "cards" that would be funny as they tapped into the dating-sim stereotypes. However, the first thing I realized was that my initial notion of Munchkin-like augmentations to the players' "dates" would basically require them to sabotage other players' relationships in order to boost their own. While my intention is for the game to be tongue-in cheek, I still didn't feel comfortable supporting what amounts to bullying and jealously in the relationship realm. We all got enough of that in high school!

Instead, I decided that a "set collection" type of gameplay would allow players to focus on developing their own strategy instead of attacking other players. And one of my favorite games is good-ol' rummy, so that's right in my wheelhouse. At any rate, this is what I have so far for gameplay.

OBJECT: Players are competing to collect the most heart tokens. The player to collect X tokens wins (will have to do some play-testing ^^).


-Numeric Cards: Numbered 1-4 in five "suits," players collect runs and sets to be used on dates.

-Date Cards: Each date card specifies a different type of set required to participate (set of twos or higher, any three red suit, etc.). Each of the numeric cards also has a noun on them. Players will read aloud the date described on the card, inserting the words of their set into provided blanks (Mad Libs-style). Once the card has been read, the hearts are awarded. Some cards will be double dates or group dates, allowing the player who has drawn the card to choose a friend or invite the whole table along.

-Action Cards: Some cards will require an immediate action (drawing cards, take/lose heart, etc.) or must be placed on one's date as a bonus/penalty affecting their next date. 

So that's where we are now. Really it's time to start writing some cards and playing a test game, seeing what works and what doesn't. A lot of ideas that could go horribly awry! Much like dating! :P


I have two concepts I'm kicking around for this class. One is a card-game version of a dating sim (video game where the player must choose the route that wins the boy's/girl's heart) that I suppose, after the first lesson, would be something of a deck-building strategy game.

The other is a game in which players work cooperatively to help control a zombie outbreak. At it's present stage, this one includes some kind of board in my head, but we'll see how that goes as I learn more.

Really excited to get started and get playing!


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