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architecture graduate student




Update 130621

I wasn't particularly thrilled with what I'd been working on, so I started scouring the internet for a bit of inspiration. I found some over at, where a brilliant team physically creates typography and distributes PNG photos as a typeface. Pretty awesome! I love the look of these copper letters:

and decided to adapt it to line drawings. Because these are pretty obviously hand made and because I tend to think through diagrams, I mapped out the process to form each letter as a sort of secondary font set.

These are the scanned drawings:

and this is that drawing livetraced in illustrator as a test:

I'm definitely going to check into Cocoapotrace because the livetrace looks pretty rough. I'm thinking of these as either two entirely separate sets or as one set that uses the final letters as the main font and then the diagrams as a superscript above each letter. (?) Need to mock that up..

Update 130618

These sketches are my own handwriting, which stays pretty vertical. I did a bold version and an outlined version, but I think the outlined version is a bit more playful and would probably be more fun to turn into a digital font set. This was a quick sketch, so if I move forward with it I'll go through again and make everything more consistent. 

Begin! 130612

I worked on these intermittently while waiting on my computer at work, so I kind of disregarded the 5 minute time limit. It was nice to draw mindlessly for awhile, especially while working on technical computer drawings all day. I think the hatch patterns on my section details at work are seared into my brain though.. lots of pattern happening in the sketches.


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