TWO MICHAELS | Skillshare Projects

Erica Franz

Awesome Hell





Two Michaels came to town. The first tall and husky and talked like a friend of the family. Michael one saw me first and said hello. Michael one stopped to see my charicature spray-painted for twenty dollars. Michael one said kind things to me but nothing more.

The second was tall and skinny. An adolescent in a grown-up body. Fidgety and quick. Everyone was a mark to him including me. Michael two said hello and flirted with me before I knew what flirting was. Michael two said, "you know you want to stay."

Michael two caught up with me later and it was Michael two I gave my phone number to. It was Michael two who called and visited and left a mark on a mark.

It was Michael one's number he gave me to reach him by. It was Michael one I sat and chatted with, waiting on two. It was Michael one I saw again years later, by chance at a game of chance.

Michael two, fidgety and quick.

Michael one, like a friend of the family.


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