TWAIN- handmade ties for men and women

My mother was a great craftsperson and cultivated a love of handiwork in me at a young age. It would always inspire and excite me when we would make the best Halloween costumes with whatever she could find. She would show me basic skills, like crochet and sewing, and then leave me to explore on my own. I grew to have a sharp eye for details and a great appreciation for handmade objects.

I would always collect supplies, especially textiles that I was drawn to, because even if I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with them, I knew that the textiles would eventually guide me. I've always collected garments from second-hand stores, not necessarily because they were something I wanted to wear, but because I had an appreciation for the quality of the fabric. I had fallen in love with ikats after watching a documentary about Indonesia. I was able to find handwoven ikats to purchase, but I had no idea what to do with them. A male friend commented that he wished there was a way for him to work that style of textile into his everyday wardrobe. It was this that gave me the idea to make ties. I thought casual ties, made of cotton and other common fabrics, would be an easy and accessible way to add variety to a wardrobe without any major commitments. 

I began by making ties with handwoven cotton ikats, and broadened my scope to include reclaimed fabrics as well, including denims, wools, and linens. I'm striving to create something that is thoughtful, as well as comfortable and approachable. I'm in the process of slowly figuring out a model for how I would like to sell my wares. Because of the limited quantities of the fabrics that I find, the ties are available in extremely limited runs. But I hope to realize something that will work for me soon.


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