Sookie Sachs

Web & Aspiring Graphic Designer



TV Rots Brains!


Until I was about 14 years old, the house I grew up in had a kitchen decorated in a putrid yellow and olive combination.  I used those colors for the tv and made a background with some color that set it off (and I find less nauseating ).  My mom would always tell me to sit back from the TV because my eyes would become permanently crossed and my brain will rot.  

I had some difficulty with the clipping mask for some reason.  I had to control Z a couple of times to get it right.  Not sure why but eventually I managed to get it right.  I wasn't able to scale down my pattern for the sunbeams.  No matter what percentage I used, I always got the lines.  Oh well!

Also, I chose a darker color for the vent line at the top and a lighter color for my vent line at the bottom before I used the blend tool. It gave it a gradient effect that I liked.  I also used varying shades of yellow for the screen and knobs.


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