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Francesca "Soyer" Venturelli

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I have chosen to adapt chapter 4 from THE PASTURES OF HEAVEN by John Steinbeck.

It can be read here: http://ebooksbeus.weebly.com/uploads/6/3/0/8/6308108/the_pastures_of_heaven_-_john_steinbeck.pdf

Book summary:

Riding back from a Monterey drunk, Pancho finds a three old months baby with sharp teeth which he claims talked to him. Pancho is Franklin Gomez’s hired man. Gomez brings the strange baby to his farm. They name the misshape boy Tularecito (little frog). He is affected by mental disability, but he can garden and is artistic. At eleven he is forced to go to school. He covers the board with animals and, when they are erased, attacks the whole school and his teacher, Miss Martin, who retires at the end of the year for health problems. Her replacement, Miss Morgan, encourages Tularecito’s art. Miss Morgan is far more effective with the students. When she tells them of fairies and gnomes, Tularecito digs a hole at the Munroe garden to meet his gnome people. Mister Munroe fills in the hole, but Tularecito digs it again after hitting him on the head with a shovel. Against the whishes of Gomez, Police sent him to the asylum for the criminally insane in Napa.

My idea:

When she was young  my mother lived in a small town in South of Italy. Last week she told me the story of a retarded girl who lived in her own country. Some men taken advantage of the girl and they did have sex with her, but she did not know what sex meant, she thought those men loved her. One day she got pregnant, afterward she put her baby in the washing machine (not knowing the consequences), obviously the child died. So I thought: what would have happened if Tularecito had been a girl (Tularecita) in the Pastures of Heaven?


If somebody said to me:"You have 7 days to realize your short film, start now!" I would have a budget of € 100 and it would not be enough to go to America or outside my home town.  So I decided that if this were to happen I will set my short film in Livemmo, a mountain village of 170 inhabitants, which seems to have remained in the early 1900s. The climate is different from that of the book, but with € 100 this is what I can do. In any case (Maybe I'd win the lottery and I could arrive in America) the characters of my script are located in California, Livemmo is just an option.


How I imagine charcters.

I have chosen to adapt this story just for a reason: I have a crash for social outcast.


There is the link to my screenplay:




The life of a misshape girl with mental disability who is deluded by a sneaky teacher and got pregnant in North America in the first years of 20st century.


Please leave your sincere opinion as a feedback, even if you find my project the worst you've read. I'll do my best to return the favor. Thanks!


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