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I have been 'following' Seth Godin for the past few months, reading his daily blog. Much of his wisdom resonates with me so I figured who better than to learn from.

My name is Angela and I am an Australian who has been living in Malaysia for the past seven years. (I celebrated my 40th birthday this week to give you some insight)

The basis for my project came some time ago; actually during a challenging eight year relationship, whereby I found myself creating what I called at the time a 'Relationship Survival Kit'!

I had created so much material the 'RSK" became a book which essentially encouraged 'Communication for Couples', whilst offering insight into why we think, feel, and do as we do - in the hope of better understanding our partners as well as ourselves.

Working as a high school teacher at the time helped me further observe and appreciate individual differences. Whilst I hold a Degree in Media Comunications and a Masters in International Education, I am not a health professional or relationship therapist. I wanted the book to be accessible to the layman offering perspectives from 'regular' people rather than littered with industry jargon.

I quit my job as a teacher to embark on a writing career, and which saw me early in 2013 being offered a publishing contract with a publisher in Hong Kong. Exciting times ahead I thought but it turned out somewhat differently.   

I had a professional illustrator create a book cover for me (below) which the publisher rejected. That was ok, as my first time I needed to be guided by the professionals.


Although I wanted to keep it simple, this is what they came up with.

Unfortunately as it turned out, the book was a flop! Not just in regards to the cover, but the formatting, printing, marketing... (fortunately the content did not require editing)

I broached my publisher and expressed my concerns. They agreed it wasnt their 'best effort' so gave me permission to go ahead with a revised edition (the quickest one in history). So in late 2013 I decided to change the title and spent a good deal of time improving the manuscript, including procuring another graphic designer to come up with a more suitable cover.

I recently submitted my new edition to the publisher (cover included)... and this is what they came up with as a better option!

Hmmm... so I left am feeling like I am back at square one in attempting to maintain the integrity of my book and in keeping with the original simplicity of its concept. Going with a traditional publisher sacrifices some of your creative licence, so am wondering if I would have been better off self-publishing. 

Alas, I need to keep moving forward and focus on how now best to promote my new book which should be out in the next couple of months. (My father keeps asking me if I am making as much money as I was when I was teaching? ;-) I haven't seen a cent from this writing gig yet, but that's not what it is about. For me it is about delivering value. 

I am hoping Seth's class will provide some inspiration. He appears on my vision board as an endorser of my book. One can only hope! :-)




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