TRASHED - student project

I initially couldn't really think of any objects I wanted to draw, until I found myself recently contemplating how much trash I create as a human being who doesn't cook nearly enough. The vision is to create an infographic of sorts to visualize the amount of trash I'll go through in a certain period of time...and then hopefully help me figure out ways to decrease my waste. I already say no to plastic bags and utensils unless absolutely necessary.

This first item is modeled after those eco fiber clamshell take out boxes, which my local deli guy hands me every morning I decide to order an omelette to go. I decided against drawing the tabs and other details for now, as I'm not that fluent yet, and am currently working without my Wacom. I'll reserve that for the next version.


1) Sketch in Photoshop

Excuse the goofy looking Photoshop sketching below (horrendous lines working with my mousepad). I figured out how to make an isometric grid in Photoshop, but the scale was a bit off (a nuance I will now pay more attention to). It made the sketch seem like a much smaller box and simply wasn't what I was going for. Also, the skew/angle of my custom grid didn't match with the Illustrator grid. As such, you'll see in the next boards that the sketch is very off. I just decided to go into Illustrator and fix there. 

TRASHED - image 1 - student project

2) Line Work in Illustrator

I forgot to export some intermediary screens to show my work. The embossing effect on the top lid ended up being kind of interesting to create, especially in the next step when I had to deal with color. 

TRASHED - image 2 - student project

3) Line Edits and Adding Color

Here, you can see how much freehand drawing I did off of the terrible sketch. Pretty different. 

After tweaking the stroke widths, I decided to remove one of the lines on the lip where the top cover and bottom meet. It was too much detail, and good thing to note for the future. Coloring was pretty straightforward, except when I had to deal with the embossed top design. I apparently had some open paths and had to go back in to do a bit of joining and cutting.

TRASHED - image 3 - student project

4) Final Touches and Image

As a final step, I dressed up the box with some final details to add realism and character. There is a light shadow layer with a bigger corner radius (20px) than the box edges (15px). For a kicker, I added the $3.25 my deli guy writes with a Sharpie for some personality. It actually should be $3.75 but I had already converted the text to an outline at that point. Ha.

TRASHED - image 4 - student project

Thanks for the lesson Hayden. Some great tips...looking forward to further developing this skill and potentially bringing it into the work I do.