Just a note that my company is not considered a startup. However, we are currently in transition as far as our core competency. Among the changes we will be handling PR in-house and I've been recruited internally to be a part of that team. I have always worked closely with marketing and our PR firm, but having no formal PR experience, this course seemed that it would be beneficial. I just wanted to make you aware of this fact so that you understand that my assignment responses may vary slightly in that I am working on "re-branding" as opposed to a startup. - AP


Press Release:

TRAFFIQ Embraces Digital Agency Model

The technology focused digital marketing company meets client demands for full-service offerings.

New York, NY, November 16, 2012 – TRAFFIQ responds to client needs and makes a clean transition where many companies often fail. The once product and technology focused TRAFFIQ has successfully made the switch to providing full-service digital agency offerings to clients.

Traffiq was a technology company that has grown into a professional services company, and through that transition they have been able to retain an expertise in technology that enables them to seek out the best solutions and partners for clients. By enhancing the professional services team, they are now a full-service digital agency that spans the entire digital spectrum  — whether it be display, search, video, social.

While TRAFFIQ’s core client base has been in the retail space, they have clients across all verticals including healthcare, finance, education and travel. Due to their technology and workflow experience, the agency has been extremely successful in helping clients take their digital planning to next level. TRAFFIQ understands each client’s specific needs and seeks out the best technology solutions and partners for a successful campaign. To find out more about product and service offerings, visit www.traffiq.com.


TRAFFIQ, a New York based digital agency, provides managed services with industry-recognized expertise in digital media planning, buying and execution that enables clients to connect with their target audiences. TRAFFIQ’s trading desk enables efficient real-time buying of display inventory at scale. The full-service search practice includes expert search engine optimization, data-driven search engine marketing and a dedicated affiliate marketing team as well as social, video and mobile media capabilities. For more information, please contact our Business Development team at 212-xxx-xxxx.

Media Contact:

TRAFFIQ Marketing Team

Anne Phillips


[email protected]


Communications Plan:

Executive Summary

Transition TRAFFIQ within the industry from a technology-based company to a full-service digital media agency.

Situation Analysis

TRAFFIQ has traditionally been viewed as a self-service technology partner for digital media planning and therefore is categorized in the industry as a technology company. While we want to maintain our technology partnerships in order to best serve our clients, there is confusion among publishers and agencies as to where we are positioned in the industry.


We need to find a way to deliver the message that we are a full-service agency and reprogram how the industry classifies our services.


  1. Media outreach – Contact all digital media publication contacts that we have relationships with and update them on our transition. Offer interview with CEO by Dec 15, 2012.
  2. Client/Publisher outreach – Communicate the transition from a self-service platform to full-service offerings and introduce the Professional Services team as point of contact. Due ASAP.
  3. Industry Outreach – Send updated “pitch” to industry organizations and find out about conference/speaking engagements for 2013 that reinforce our place as an agency by Jan 1, 2013.

Target Audience

  1. Reporters
  2. Publishers
  3. Industry Organizations

Key Message

TRAFFIQ is now a full-service digital media agency with a dedicated and experienced Professional Services team that employs the best of breed technology solutions across all digital platforms to ensure success in the digital space.


  1. Identify most influential reporters of respected industry publications. If no current relationship, establish one and discuss opportunities for CEO as far as byline, contribution or mention in upcoming issue.
  2. Identify speaking engagements or panels that will provide the most exposure.


  1. Media blitz
  2. Industry networking
  3. Social Media


TBD. The goal is to leverage existing relationships within the industry in order to limit the amount of spend required .


The following pitches are tailored to Mike Shields of AdWeek. All of our previous contact with Mike has been through an outside PR firm.

The Casual Pitch:

Hi Mike,

As you know, TRAFFIQ has recently made the jump from a self-service platform to a full-service digital agency. A part of the transition is that we are no longer working with xxPR and I wanted to introduce myself as our new point of contact.

We are extremely excited about our new direction and Lori would love the opportunity to bring up-to-date on where we are headed. Are you available to chat next week?




Anne Phillips




[email protected]


The Formal Pitch:


Hello Mike,

I am pleased to introduce myself as your new point of contact here at TRAFFIQ and I’d like to take a moment to update you on some exciting changes.

TRAFFIQ is in the process of transitioning from a technology solution to a full-service digital agency. We will now offer managed services with industry-recognized expertise in digital media planning, buying and execution. Our TRAFFIQ Trading Desk enables efficient real-time buying of display inventory at scale and our full-service search practice includes expert search engine optimization, data-driven search engine marketing and a dedicated affiliate marketing team.  In addition, TRAFFIQ offers robust social, video and mobile media capabilities.

 Would you be available next Monday or Tuesday morning to speak with Lori in more detail?



Anne Phillips


p. 646.254.6551

[email protected]





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