TP + Corona = BFF

TP + Corona = BFF - student project

I loved this class so much! I enjoyed learning about the history of the 1930's cartoons the most and learning why they made things the way they did. The links to youtube vids for Fleischer Studios and resources on pinterest helped a ton too. I feel like this helped me get off to a good start, now I just need practice (especially with those deceptively difficult mickey mouse hands!).

I started out with pencil and paper. ...I should have taken a picture before I cleaned it up and inked it because it was ridiculously messy, but oh well. :) It helped a lot to draw miniature concept ideas at the top to get the form/gesture right.
TP + Corona = BFF - image 1 - student project
Then I Adobe Captured it and moved it over to Illustrator:
TP + Corona = BFF - image 2 - student project
Then I tweaked it some more and added color and stuff: 
TP + Corona = BFF - image 3 - student projectTP + Corona = BFF - image 4 - student project
Color is hard :) I can tell I need to work on my proportions, and omg those hands. I give myself a C+. 

Thanks for making this class! I'm looking forward to developing this style.

Edited: TP + Corona = BFF - image 5 - student project

Holly Davis
Graphic Designer / Illustrator