TOUGH AS AN OLD BOOT | Skillshare Projects




I like thinking I'm tougher than I really am. I also like historical tough guys. To me, Teddy Roosevelt is the ultimate historical badass. He was once out hunting with his buddies and they had tied a bear to a tree. Teddy set the bear free, saying it was too easy and unsportsmanlike. Also third party politics? Nobody can win that shit. Teddy can! Long live the bull moose. There are so many incredible stories about the man, so many quotable quotes, but maybe the thing I most admire about him is that despite his tough guy attitude, he had a soft spot for and saw the importance in conserving our natural resources, by establishing national parks.

When I came across the saying "tough as an old boot," I thought of Teddy, and the old boots that trudge in the national parks that he was ultimately responsible for creating.


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