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TOP shirt

i'm so stoked to be doing this, i've actually made a couple of designs for twenty one pilots before 

and i'm excited to maybe make one of them better or start from scratch, either way, i hope something good will come out of this!

i just enrolled yesterday so i'm catching up quickly!

3. Sketching

i'm not very good at drawgin but these just work for giving me a basic idea with what i'm going to be working with, like Brandon said, i bet more ideas will pop out while i work with them.

i noticed that top use skeletons a lot, so i decided to use the mexican element of sugar skulls of dia de los muertos, i'm still not sure if it'll have a lot of colors or just black and white, i'll work on that

i'm a big big fan of twenty one pilots, and i know that the phrase "stay alive" is very big and meaningful in our community, so i wanted to work with that, and i tried to use the logo as a letter v

this is me trying to figure out how to make neg space work with the lettering logo, i'm still not sure if i did it

another neg space attempt, but now with just the logo, i'll see what i can do with these, now, off to illustrator


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