My name is Manuel  I am originaly from Colombia and graduated from the University of Minnesota under a full ride ( tennis), I move back to Bogota in 2007 and started and   educational consulting company  so far we have help 650 international students in a period of  6 years  and currently I am looking to extend my services worldwide,  


ISC International is a consulting company that matches International  students with scholarship opportunities at accredited universities worldwide, our matching services is for EVERYONE no matter their academic and social status our clients range from top students to below average students, the only requisite is to be and and International student. 
By offering this product ISC wants to eliminate the ENORMOUS FINANCIAL BARRIERS International students and their families face when choosing a  higher education institution mainly is the US. We don't want money to be the deciding factor !

I do this because  : I am passionate about education  and   firmly believed that acces  to top education can not be just for  some International priviledge students.

It benefits other by:  alowing them to enroll at international acredited universities at a fraction of what these cost.

the best companies that sell a similar product: I have a hard time finding out similiar role model companies withing the same industry , the few I know they are very small and not really prefessional, we pioner this industry in Latam 

Companies that solve the same or similar problem: edX / skillshare / udacity /coursera

What they are doing so special: eliminating financial barries common people face when looking for especific education classes, -  

companies reaching my target: EF ( Education first) 

what are the doing so special: they have a great brand awarness estrategy and a well traing sales force, 


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