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TO YOU WITH OR WITHOUT LOVE will be a design project illustrating various phrases and words that have been said to me by members of the opposite sex.  The phrases have all played some pivotal role in the way I think about men, or more importantly the way I perceive men to think about me.  The phrases and words have been spoken to me by boyfriends, strangers, brothers, friends and foes.

The application of the illustration designs will be on the cover of greeting cards - the significance of which being that these words were spoken or written to me in normal conversation, but had the impact of a delivered message.  The choice to use a greeting card as a method of presentation may also have to do with the inherent lack of personality that exists in the sentiments that are used.  The writers of these cards scribe words that are so unbelievably generic that they apply to almost no one.  These cards I will create will be completely specific to the sentiments that have only applied to me, yet maybe they will be relateable.  

The design work I love to participate in has very evident direction and concept.  With a strong concept, viewers can have an opinion.  With generic design, there's nothing to grab hold of.  The concepts for these cards will be a personal reflection on the state of my emotional journey, the state of the relationship (or lack of) with the speaker of the words, and a mood set forth by the way those words affected me.  Important to note will be that the whole project relies on perception - mine.  I've spent quite a bit of time as a designer working through the difference between intention and perception, and how to control both. and this project will help me explore the topic further.



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