TLDR - Too Long Didn't Read

Here's the web version of the email

Why I didn't read this email

Charities are WAY behind the times. Many are only recently updating their websites since its initial launch in the 2000s and it's unfortunate that many aren't able to communicate their cause better in order to empower others to get involved, volunteer, or donate. 

This email was over 300 words long! The only image was the one at the top of email (as shown). The rest was all text. On desktop, I needed to scroll to see the whole email. On mobile, I had to scroll 3 times to get to the bottom. 

Often getting through emails feels like a chore. If it's non-essential and so long, there's no way I'm sitting down and reading it. 

This email was also not responsive. On mobile the text was legible, but tiny. Buttons were also small and difficult to read and tap as well. 

It was also sent at 3:00am. If my email alert was on and woken me up, it would have created a negative connotation in my mind connecting the organization to my disgruntled half-asleep self.

What I would change

  • Use a large image of a person's face to capture attention (positive, happy expression)
  • Reduce copy to 100 words max
  • Use a responsive template
  • Add a responsive call to action button to break up the text 
  • Change send time to between 7am-9am (when most people are reading on commutes or checking their email in the morning) 
  • Use large type size for mobile
  • Use an emoji in the subject line 
  • Use user's first name in subject line


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