THOU SHALT EAT CUPCAKES! - student project

Hello my name is Fernando Silva and I want to design a shirt for Johnny Cupcakes. After researching the brand I noticed that Johnny Cupcakes is very successful at making parodies.  I also like Johnny Cupcakes attention to detail with their packaging.

I want my design to follow the same guidelines I see with Johnny Cupcakes shirts: Good clean design, bright colors and a positive message.

The idea that I want to work on for the shirt will be a spin on Moses and the 10 commandments.

THOU SHALT EAT CUPCAKES! - image 1 - student project

Want to have a cupcake as moses with two tablets. hopfully this does not cross the line and people think I'm offensive. I will keep the tshirt tasteful (no pun) and possitive.

Thank you.