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Hello my name is Fernando Silva and I want to design a shirt for Johnny Cupcakes. After researching the brand I noticed that Johnny Cupcakes is very successful at making parodies.  I also like Johnny Cupcakes attention to detail with their packaging.

I want my design to follow the same guidelines I see with Johnny Cupcakes shirts: Good clean design, bright colors and a positive message.

The idea that I want to work on for the shirt will be a spin on Moses and the 10 commandments.

Want to have a cupcake as Moses with two tablets. Hopefully this does not cross the line and people think I'm offensive. I will keep the t-shirt tasteful (no pun) and positive.

Thank you.

-----------------UPDATE Sketching-----------------

I made a bunch of sketches the past few days. I am researching some more to make sure I stick to the guidelines I said earlier.

heres the first page:

I think happy cupcake with a positive message.

Second and third sketches:

I still need to add something to the design. Maybe add a glow to the tablets or a glow to "Moses Cake" (haha).  I think the design would look good across the chest.

Updated Sketch:

I made some changes to the sketch. I felt the cupcake didn't look right. I added more "grit" to the design and worked on the beard. I also added some "divine light" with sprinkles. Working on a good font to add or create.

feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Heres my last sketch turned into a vector.


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