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Understanding how the mind works through tricks and illusion.





Get set for a crazy dose of mind-bending tricks and magic as we explore the mystery and wonder of the human mind.


Blow Your Mind is all about showing how our brains can be tricked and manipulated in awesome and unexpected ways. Through visual games, magic and candid camera style stunts we will show the science behind how the mind works. The series will provide a stimulus for the audience to gain mental sharpness through fun and interactive experiences.


The ½ hour episodes will show how our minds work through magic, stunts and visual illusions that will surprise and delight the audience. Each episode will have an overriding theme that will be explored in different ways. For example an exploration of how we perceive colour can be shown through graphic animation, location filming, studio stunts, interviews with scientists, and contributions from unique individuals who see the world in a different way from the norm.


As well as the television show there will be an opportunity to develop a transmedia app that can extend the experience onto phones and tablets, creating a community of New Zealanders who will extend their minds through play and puzzles. We are a nation of avid readers, so this will tap into our love of extending our imagination and games in a fun and interactive way.





The Format

Each ½ hour show will have 6 different elements of around 2 minutes each.


  1. An opening link on location that includes a visual trick – i.e.:


-       A link on the beach with what looks like people behind. We turn the camera slightly and the audience realises that all the people are in fact just cardboard cutouts.


  1. A candid camera style stunt that shows how our eyes can be fooled – ie:


-       A customer is served by a store assistant who pops under a counter and another assistant takes their place – does the customer notice the switch?


  1. An elaborate magic illusion is performed in a studio setting – ie:


-       The audience is invited to clap once, put their hands in a complicated arrangement and then try to break free. Many will realise that alough the magician can break free easily they seem to be tied in knots.


  1. A visual illusion using CGI is shown to the audience – ie


-       The Ebbinghous illusion – two circles surrounded by other circular petals – most people see the first circle as smaller than the second.





Is the second circle bigger or smaller?







  1. A video insert that shows the science behind the illusion – explaining how our brains process information – ie:


- An interview with a person who had an injury which meant they had to switch processing from left to right brain.


  1. A big set stunt on location that involves an audience being wowed by a magic stunt. Ie:


- Set on a container wharf, a magician performs an illusion that causes an elephant to disappear. The central theme of this episode is explained, which is optical illusions. 


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