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I chose Trainor, the Druggist from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters

Only the chemist can tell, and not always the chemist,
What will result from compounding
Fluids or solids.
And who can tell
How men and women will interact
On each other, or what children will result?
There were Benjamin Pantier and his wife,
Good in themselved, but evil toward each other;
He oxygen, she hydrogen,
Their son, a devastating fire.
I Trainor, the druggist, a miser of chemicals,
Killed while making an experiment,
Lived unwedded.





When fifteen year old Jake wakes one morning to find a gun on his kitchen table, and learns his mother has bought it for his father’s suicide, he uses it to put an end to his family's dirty little secret.




This morning, Jake wakes reluctantly to what should be the greatest morning of his young life.  

He’s a hometown hero; the class President of student council, decorated Eagle Scout, and the starting quarterback of his high school football team in tonight’s homecoming game.

What would make Jake reluctant to get out of bed, this morning? He has everything going for him.

Everything, except for a dirty little secret.

This morning, Jake’s mother is drunk, asleep sitting up on the toilet in the bathroom, snoring.

His father, a sufferer of chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis, is checked out of life, hiding under the influence of his synthesized morphine.

Jake is used to it, except this morning, Jake finds a gun waiting for him on the kitchen table; a cry for help.  

Jake rouses his mother from her drunken repose in the hall bathroom, and learns the gun is meant for his father to use to commit suicide.

It is time to put his father out of his misery, and pain, his mother says.

Jake stashes the gun in a gym bag, and storms out the door, headed for football practice, thinking he’ll ditch it somewhere.

Jake is used to his father being trapped in bed addicted to legal drugs, and he is used to his mother fighting her despair with legal twelve-packs of beer nearly every night.

Jake doesn’t know where to turn.

It is always swept under the rug. Denial is always accepted as proper protocol, after all.

When his father succeeds in killing himself, by swallowing a bottle full of sleeping pills, it proves to be too much for Jake to handle.

Jake goes to the pharmacy and confronts the pharmacist, blaming him for his father's death.

 It is all going to end, this morning, he declares.




JAKE APPLEGATE, a 15 year old kid struggling with his father's incurable disease. 

DENNIS TRAINOR, the pharmacist. Hard working, lonely.

ALLISON, Jake's alcoholic mother struggling with his father's failing health.

NICHOLAS APPLEGATE, Jake's terminally ill father.

SGT. JEREMY, a local city police officer.

SANDY MARKS, a pharmacy assistant. Divorced, discreet, the object of Sgt. Jeremy’s desire.




RESIDENCE, a three bedroom middle-class bungalow.

LAKEWOOD DRUGS, a pharmacy and gift shop located in a strip mall.

HIGH SCHOOL parking lot and practice field.

Tried keeping it extremely low budget.

Final Draft

Thanks everyone for their help.


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