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When I was about five, I snuck into our pantry when no one was looking and low and behold I found a box of Girl Scout THIN MINTS!  (Ahhhh....the sound of harps playing)  I thought I hit the jackpot....only to find out there was a BIG surprise that awaited me!

UPDATE thing I learned from doing the RESEARCH....I'm just as impulsive now, as I was then!   LOL  I just jumped right in there and did my little drawings. I guess I should have looked up what the packaging looked like first, just to be a little more accurate, but then again I couldn't really find any Vintage Packages of the THIN MINTS...this is the closest I came to. is my RESEARCH....(The Floor Plan of the Crime, Me and a Box of Girl Scout Cookies)

And, here is my STORYBOARD.....


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