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Logline: A gambling shark is challenged by a mysterious stranger and finds himself playing a game for his life.

Final Draft:

Why don't we blame the consequence of a decision on our free choice?

Often when we find ourselves cornered in life we blame something... Man? God? Perhaps there is a force at work, a mysterious stranger, trying to give us hope... we just can't see it.  Or maybe we don't want to?

"Lyman King" (Spoon River Anthology)

You may think, passer-by, that Fate

Is a pit-fall outside of yourself,

Around which you may walk by the use of foresight

And wisdom.

Thus you believe, viewing the lives of other men,

As one who in God-like fashion bends over an anthill,

Seeing how their difficulties vould be avoided.

But pass on into life:

In time you shall see Fate approach you

In the shape of your own image in the mirror;

Or you shall sit alone by your hearth,

And suddenly the chair by you shall hold a guest,

And you shall know that guest

And read the authentic message of his eyes.

Why I chose the text?

I chose "Lyman King" because I was really intrigued by the idea of having Fate personified as an actual character. I loved the concept of having this "stranger", an enigma, walk out of nowhere and come into contact with the main character while bringing an actual and frightening reality of the consequences your choices make.  The "don't judge a book by its cover" message of the text also made me wonder if Lyman King was not all that dissimilar from ourselves. That's why King is not all together the "bad guy", but a surrogate for us to question life.

Script Development

2nd draft:

1st draft:

Behind-the-Scenes Video & the Art of Story

Instead of writing a huge description on my project, I decided to try something a little different... Sometimes it's always fun to see the person behind their project, so I filmed an 11 min. clip giving a behind-the-scenes perspective of "The Transient" and a brief overlook of the Art of Story.  Enjoy!


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