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I did not pick my favoirte book, instead I am diving in head first into something new. I love H.G. Wells stories. I have seen many of the film adaptations of his works including: The Island of Lost Souls(which is the Island of Dr. Moreau), The Invisible Man, and both versions of War of The Worlds(I loved the Orson Wells radio version the best).However, I haven't seen or read The Time Machine and I am looking forward to working on this. I am a little bit into the book and so far I love it and it's a short book, thus, will not take me long to read which is great because I want to start working right away. 

Ok so I have read "The Time Machine," and it was short and great. What happens in the book is that a man who is referred to as "The Time Traveler," travels to a very distant future where mankind and the world for that matter are in serious decline. People have become intelectally inept and because of this the world declines around them. The Time Traveler knows them as the Eloi. Through the course of the story he discovers another type of human being called the Morlocks. They are ape like creatures who live underground. They are assumed to be working class people who took their skills underground and evoled into grotesk creatures who are mechanically inclined but otherwise are primarilly instictal. He discovers the Morlocks because he finds that his Time Machine is stollen and later finds that it's the Morlocks that have it. He is goal now is to find out how to get his Time Machine from the Morlocks and get back to his time (spoiler: he does).  

I have decided to do the "W" because that is the last name of the author. This design is based of course off the idea of time travel, decline, and the lurking Morlocks. However, the downside to this idea is that the machine itself doesn't travel like a car, instead it travels in space; so everything moves around it. I still like it but I would apreaciate if someone might be able to point out a possiblity of that idea still being able to work with this concept. 

In this I was playing off the time machine aspect again, however, I am still not sold on this; seems to spaceship like.

The matches are something The Time Traveler uses to find his way around the new world, but also, to keep the Morlocks at a distance because they are scared of fire. He has to ration them because if he runs out, he then becauses significantly weaker against them. 

These are some other ideas I was playing with, such as using the Morlocks as a underneath layer, and also a the shape of a W. I also go back to the matches again, as I made a match box with the W on it. Plus there is the time aspect in there as well. 

This is the Morlock idea furthered with the back of one used as a W. However, I feel like if I were to use this I would need to dial it back a bit with the detail and also with the way the arms are positioned. I am happy to hear all ideas. I would also want to know if anyone had an idea where they see a particular typeface being used for one of the concepts and why. 

As you can see I am very infatuated with the ideas of time and the Morlocks. I am planing to hit the computer as soon as I get a little more feed back on this.

Ok so here is where I am with my project after the computer. I choose one idea from the sketches I did which was the prevailing favorite and another idea that I didn't post on here before and I did this because not only did I find it a better idea than the previous ones but also I thought that there was more potential to that idea and I just felt I could bring that out more so than the other offerings.

What I was thinking about while doing this was what would traveling in space look like? How could I communicate an unease due to the time travel? How do I show a severe
disconnect from present to the future? 

One of the things I like about it is that the change in the W is very striking and interesting and it doesn't give away the ghost so much about the Morlock portion of the story. One thing I don't like about it is that I feel it lacks detail but unfortunately, I can't place in my mind what that could be. Another thing I am not a fan of is the clock because to me it's too obvious. I feel I have already indicated time travel in the motion blur applied and the swirl happening in the W going into the acender. I wanted the color green to be dominate in this because in the book when The Time Traveler goes into the future he ends up in a forest like waste land, where everything becomes covered in vines and just flat out contiuous green. I also decided to still go with the cracked decenders because it also shows the decline of future society but in a subtle manner because I wanted the more extreme change in the W to be the main focal point. Overall, I feel it's ok but it's still missing a detail factor but like I said I can't put my finger on it.

This comes directly from the most important plot twist in the book and that's when the Morlocks take the Time Machine. However, at the time in the book when the Time Machine disappears it's unknown as to who took the machine. So, going forward with this concept I thought it would be cool if I did the W as how I would imagine the Time Machine would look if it was a W; I choose the colors based off the book's description of the Time Machine such as having brass, rock crystal, crystalline, and Ivory. 

Then working off another idea I preiviously had about the Morlock eyes looking at you in sercret I decided to do this in the background of the W and add the other element of the hands grabbing the machine without totally giving away that they were Morlocks. Another reason I did this is because it adds another level of dimension to the design and it seems less symmetrical and boring. 

What I like is the eyes element and the idea of showing something disturbing the machine because it makes the design engaging and not stagnant. I also like the neutral colors because I think it gives an indication of what a forest could look like in the dark and also I think it represents the time the book was written and what style the machine would look like at that time. What I dont like is how I have illustrated the hands disturbing the machine I think it wouldn't hurt if they were more defined. Also I am on the fence about the lever, it seems to me that it doesn't belong still with the rest of the illustration because I think it sticks out like a sore thumb; what I am trying to do is make it look like a crystal lever made from crystalline and crystal. Also I am interested in knowing what people would think about making the W to seem to look like it's materializing with some blur effects. 

I would love to have a wide amount of feedback on these concepts because I feel like this is really going somewhere and I really want to get this to look amazing and really hit it out of the ball park.


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