hardy har har is what i would be saying about your class. My story of how i came upon this class begins with me being bored. i was on tumblr reading your stuff and i saw a post about how you are helping people draw funny faces, and i really admired your work on blue chair. So i decided to take your free class (*cough* 9.95 a month *cough*) . So anywho goes the cucoo catchoo. heres the first assignment.

i really dont know how moderatly angry looked like your art style it just did and i did alot of erasing. 

the reason it doesnt look like picaso barf over it was i just started drawing 2 years back and i've gotten into art ever since the fire nation atta-- i mean saw my brothers art work.

Today is april 21 and it has been a long journey. Battleing school, laziness,school, and laziness. but here it is.

 Don't mind the awful grammar it's still a work in progress.


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