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THE PROVIDED is an entity geared towards primarily creating clothing with a focus in digital media. The brand itself is influenced by popular, urban, and street culture. My vision of the brand is to one day serve as an actual hub for like minded individuals to create, share, and manifest their artistic dreams into reality. Essentially providing opportunities.

Instagram Extra Credit

Slogan: as we Proceed to give you what you Need.

Mission Statement: Remain a conduit for popular, urban, and street culture. 

Target Consumer: College students ages 18-24 and Young Urban Professionals ages 24-30.

                          THE PROVIDED logo tee. Black tee w/ white lettering $20USD


Hang Tag

                                            Eastside & Westside snap back

The Eastside & Westside snapbacks represent the early-mid 1990's Westcoast & Eastcoast fued. This period is arguably considered the "Golden Years" and I wanted to recapture that timelessness with the snapbacks. Having pride in where you are from is the idea behind the design. Take Ownership.

                         Eastside snapback- Black cap w/ white Old English Lettering $25USD            

                           Westside snapback- Black cap w/ white Old English lettering $25USD

                                                  SNAPBACK PROMO VIDEO

                                               Introduction to the First Collection

I chose to name the first collection 'Love Hate Ulterior Motives' to spell out what brought each couple together, the emotions involved, and to question what caused the relationship to end. The title itself is a track from Casey Veggies's "Life Changes" album. The artwork is inspired by Drake's "So Far Gone" mixtape. Check out the formulation. 

                                            So Far Gone artwork pictured above

                                 LOVE HATE ULTERIOR MOTIVES COLLECTION

Biggie x Fay Unisex  50/50 Vintage T Shirt

Price $30USD

Tyson x Naomi Unisex 50/50 Vintage T Shirt

Price $30USDHis T Shirt Womens Oversized Tee

Price $30USD


I chose to do the collection in black & white because it symobolizes my perspective on life. Before, I would look at Life and see a million colors and try my hardest to figure things out and categorize them. Now,  I just simply see things in Black & White and take them for face value. Simply put, the minimalistic approach. 

I chose to do the Biggie x Fay ((Christopher Wallace x Faith Evans) t shirt because I thought it was such an interesting picture. I could relate to that moment in the picture when you are comfortable enough with the girl you are dating to let her drive your car. Biggie's and Faith's relationship was much publicized during the time they were together and after. If I had to pick from the theme, I'd say LOVE HATE sums up their relationship.

The Tyson x Naomi (Mike Tyson x Naomi Campbell) idea came about after hearing a lyric from Drake-- "Buying women furs, Mike Tyson & Naomi". I had no clue the two dated so I researched it and found the picture of them together. The picture is very candid. It makes you wonder how the two started dating, why is Tyson shirtless?, was it cold enough for Naomi to be rocking a fur coat?, and why did the two stop dating? The picture is really worth a thousand words. If I had to pick from the theme, I'd say ULTERIOR MOTIVES sums up their relationship. 

The "His T shirt" was actually an idea that my friend and I came up with. She would always read me tweets from girls and joke about how they would refer to the guy they were dating as "Him" or "His" instead of their actual name.  I chose to use Old English font because it is such a timeless font and keep a consistent look within the collection. The font also gives the shirt a slight masculine feel to it but the actual words make it feminine. Simple, yet, involved enough to catch your eye.


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