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Hi everyone =)

My name is Tiffany Sullivan. I live in Sydney ,Australia and I have been studying graphic design for 6 months. I recently came across skillshare and some of the workshops. Jon has inspired me to give this one a go after watching the tuorial.

I love doodling however I have yet to try a drawing tablet or ipad so I will be attempting most if this with the pen tool.

My inspiration is my LOVE OF POKER! I went to vegas to play and some day hope to be a world champ!

Here are some very rough sketches Im not sure if I will go with the spade shape or try and recreate a quirky self portrait as 'a queen of hearts' playing card maybe with a sugar skull type of design....

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.   

So last  night I was checking out WOW WOW WOW! they have some great looking products. This is a mexican sugar skull I found that I will use for more inspiration. I like the colours but they dont fit with my theme so I will be sticking with more casino colours, (red,green,white,balck) I do however love the shapes used in the face which I will try and incorperate into my design. 

This is a very rough idea of my final concept. It was getting very late so I attemtped to use the pencil tool which you can tell for me is no comprison to the pen tool.

Im going to put this design aside now and work on my original spade concept.


Ok so after going back over some old sketches for inspiration. i began to work  more on the spade design which I am really happy with. I like the use of the 3 colours. I am unsure if it needs something at the top? I did consider the crown to place ontop of the writing.but not sure if it suits.... I would love any feedback or suggestions :)




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